"Size Does Not Matter"!!‚Äč

We are Rachel's Poop N' Scoop and Other Services. Our mission is to leave you and your family (including furry children) extra time for family time out in your yard. This service is our top priority (there are other services as well) and our main goal is to leave a clean yard for everyone to play in, 100% guaranteed. 

We have a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied in any way, I will come back out and fix the problem at no charge.

Other Services

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Prices start at a minimum of $50

(Includes hauling it away)

Basic Lawn Care (weekly)

Prices start at a minimum of $20

Depending on the size of the yard and what needs to be done.

(Includes hauling it away, if asked)

Snow Removal Services

Depending on what area (s) needs to be done.

How much snow fell:  light/dry/fluffy, heavy/wet snow.

"Average" snow fall or winter storm or blizzard.

Transport Services

We will be adding a new service to our company. 

The prices for these services will be:

The federal mileage amount ($0.56 per mile).

$50 per hour on the road (and waiting time).

$50 per hour for manual labor (helping with the load).

 This service will be limited to Grand Forks County, ND.

Can discuss if longer distances are needed.

**Veteran Owned and Operated**


Grand Forks County, North Dakota.

Some surrounding areas.


(701) 740-1221  Please leave a message!